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While working on a new Nsflow Brand, together with Nsflow development team we completely rethought and redesigned company's product – industrial online platform – built for web, mobile and smartglasses. Below is just a glimpse of what's been done. Full case study is still work-in-progress. 

UI / UX, Web App, Mobile App, AR App

2021 – 2023


About Nsflow

Nsflow is an AR and AI platform for remote collaboration with experts, interactive work instructions, and hands-on training. Their mission is to help factories solve problems taking place in the industrial sector – with the latest technologies – using augmented reality smartglasses and artificial intelligence.


The Platform

Nsflow platform combines two powerful modules – Digital Workflows and Remote Support.

A workflow module is a advanced tool for creating interactive trainings, instructions and service procedures, that can be carried out on desktop, mobile and AR devices.

With remote support, technicians can connect with experts that might be located far away. Experts can provide detailed instructions and guidance in real-time, while technicians equipped with AR glasses, are hands-free and able to solve technical issues more swiftly.

The Challenge

Being on the market for couple of years, the platform reached a point where it was hard to continue development and introduce new features. From one type of device to another, user experience lacked consistency, with no visual appearance maintained. Features and options were often added randomly and in unexpected places.

Also, what always distinguished the platform from its competitors is simplicity. It allows to create a basic workflows in just few clicks, whereas other products on the market often require hours of work. We wanted to keep the "simple-first" approach.

The Solution

The company was looking for evolution rather than revolution. Hence, we used an existing layout structure as a starting point. Together with Nsflow team, we analysed the client's feedback and compiled a solid roadmap of further platform development. Next, we went section by section and designed solutions for new features and user flow.

System is based on privileges with defined dedicated roles  – any option can be turned on/off by administrators. Advanced features are located deeper in the structure and available on demand, which makes the interface cleaner and less overwhelming for less advanced users. 

User Personas

We defined two main type of user personas based on demographics, role, goal, motivation and more. 


Web App

Nsflow web app serves mainly as an administrative panel, allowing to manage devices, users and all resources in one place. Experts can use it to conduct calls with technicians working in the field. With Assessment module, instructors can track progress of ongoing workflows and guide users in real-time, if necessary. 


Modular Approach

Advanced features are located deeper in the structure and available on demand, which makes the interface cleaner and less overwhelming for less advanced users. 

Early stage implementation (screen recording, may take few seconds to start)

Custom Icon Set

A set of over 100 custome icons, optimized for five different sizes for variety of use. 


"Piotr’s exceptional work, expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the collaboration, resulting in visually appealing designs and improved user experience. His ability to balance aesthetics with functionality is truly impressive.”
— Piotr Ziemba, CEO Nsflow

Mobile App

Over three hundered views (and counting). Designed in light and dark themes for changing work environments, with supported custom brand themes.

Mobile app serves both type of users. Technicians can follow and complete tasks, run workflows and request assistance, whereas Experts can create and assign tasks, manage workflows and conduct calls while in the field. 


Selected Mobile Views

Key mobile app views highlighted. 

Mobile App Information Architecture (with Listed Features)


Dark and Light Mode

App Icon


AR App

Nsflow platform was designed with hands-free performace in mind and the augmented reality smartglasses apps are in its core. Especially HoloLens from Microsoft and RealWear devices play key role in transforming manufacturing industry. Below is just a sneak-peak of the Nsflow app for HoloLens 2. More coming soon. 


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Piotr is an independent, self-taught, multi-disciplinary graphic designer with over years of experience in design industry. His main focus is in UI and UX, visual identity and web design

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